Wisbech Swimming Club’s Millie Harris impresses at British Swimming Championships

Millie Harris of Wisbech Swimming Club has had a string of impressive performances at the British Swimming Championships.

At the Eastern Region Pool Championships earlier this year she won gold, silver and bronze medals – subsequently she was invited to the British Championships and the National Meet summer.

Millie’s journey to the national championships began in late July with the 50m butterfly heats – where she missed out on a place in the final by just a quarter of a second.

Millie Harris was in great shape at the British Swimming Championships (58509590)

Unfazed, she returned to Sheffield with Wisbech Swimming Club head coach Greg Marsters on August 6 for the 100m butterfly.

Second in her heat, Millie clocked a new personal best in the long course (50m pool) in 1:07.71 – securing a spot in the 14/U age group final.

She finished second after a powerful first 50m, before finishing fifth against a very strong peloton. Just 0.59 seconds separated Millie from the medals, and she clocked another personal best of 1:07.39.

After the event, Greg commented: “Millie has been amazing heading into the competition and she is a role model for the rest of her team, showing what hard work and determination can achieve. At Wisbech Swimming Club, we believe every swimmer should be trained to reach their full potential and Millie has shown what that can mean.

“She joined the club at the age of 8 and showed obvious talent even at that young age. Since then her determination and positive attitude have helped her compete at national level and I think we can expect more great things from Millie in the future.”

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