Wisbech Swimming Club youngsters impress in Junior Fenland League second round at Newmarket

The Wisbech swimmers took part in the second round of the Junior Fenland League last weekend.

This round took place in Newmarket. Some of the swimmers were new to competing with the main team, but despite being nervous the first time around, they performed very well.

The league is designed to serve as an introduction to competitive swimming for swimmers aged 9-13, with 50m races in all events except the 100m individual medley and 25m butterfly for the 9 year old group.

Wisbech Swimming Club in the second round of the Junior Fenland League (56851346)

The swimmers again showed pride, taking on opponents from Peterborough, Boston and Bottisham.

There were no disqualifications and there were 21 personal bests and 22 first-place finishes – with one cut-off broken.

After ten races, the team was in the lead, and the points lead grew throughout the evening.

Wisbech Swimming Club at the Cambridgeshire County Development Meet in Whittlesey (56852132)
Wisbech Swimming Club at the Cambridgeshire County Development Meet in Whittlesey (56852132)

The young swimmers cheered on their team members from the ends of the aisles, and this teamwork contributed to their own confidence for their individual races.

Wisbech won the round and are currently top of the league.

There were 21 personal best times in 44 races: Harry Wilkshire (2), Jensen Stevens (2), Lilly Wright (2), Madeline Rose (2), Harry McClure (2), Holly Smith, Esa Condon, Ashton Busby , Luke Wilson, Milana Melinyte, Kevin Sorokin, Isabella Burton, Madison Hicks, Ebony Smith, Layla Warby and Esmai Smith.

There were also 22 first places: Jensen Stevens (4), Lilly Wright (3), Milana Melinyte (2), Grace Rayner, Holly Smith, Esa Condon, Madison Hicks, Luke Wilson, Harry Wilkshire, Madison Hicks, Ebony Smith, Layla Warby, Esmai Smith, Madeline Rose, Isabella Burton and the squadron relay team.

The team are now looking forward to the third round of the league campaign in June.

The team also recently took part in the Cambridgeshire County Development Meet in Whittlesey.

The swimmers in the event were Alicia-Mai Gowler, Holly Smith, Lily Wright, Milana Melinyte, Harrison Otter, Jenson Stevens, Luke Wilson, Nathan Kiarszys, Esa-Rose Condon, Esmai Smith, Madison Hicks, Ruby Baxter, George Warby, Kevin Sorokin, Madeline Rose, Poppy Ryan, Scarlett Watson, Oliver Ryan, Sam Clements, Jake Trundle, Ebony Smith, Grace Rayner, Isabella Burton, Kari-Ella Bailey, Caitlin Sibley, Layla Warby, Kian Cooper, Thomas Baxter, Abigail Condon, Vanessa Bulwa, Zoe Wilson, Alex Wilson, Troy Croxford and Ashton Busby.

Anyone interested in swimming with the club can email [email protected] for more information or to arrange a tryout.