What To Do In Exuma, Bahamas Besides Swimming With Pigs

Exuma, a neighborhood in the Bahamas, is the true definition of unparalleled beauty. With pristine coastlines, deserted cays, historic sites and crystal clear beaches, it’s easy to see why it’s an internet sensation. As well as serving as a stunning backdrop for notable movies like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chestthe destination offers vacationers fascinating activities to do.

Whereas swim with pigs is an exciting affair, there are many other things to experience and discover. And all of them leave no room for stress; just relaxation, serenity and pleasure! Here are some other things to do in Exuma, Bahamas.

Participate in exciting outdoor activities

For tourists looking for something more adventurous than lying on a beach, there are plenty of other exciting things to do in Exuma that are both relaxing and exciting. Here are three outdoor activities that should not be missed on the list.

Exploring Coco Plum Beach

If there is one spot that lives up to its reputation, it’s Coco Plum Beach. This corner of paradise is breathtakingly beautiful; no wonder it’s the dream destination for most travelers. The beach has no waves, just crystal clear waters that swirl around shades of blue and turquoise. Here tourists can walk hundreds of meters in the water, possibly holding the hand of their special someone. Travelers also have the opportunity to collect conch and spot magnificent sea animals.

There is a wooden swing about 30 feet from the banks. Yes, where vacationers can sit back and let the wind blow through their hair while taking picturesque photos. The water is warm, so tourists can bring their little ones to cool off.

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Snorkeling at Staniel Cay Plane Wreck

Although there are several drug-related accidents, Staniel Cay Plane Wreck is one of Exuma’s treasures. It is easily accessible and is on the shallow end of the coast of Norman’s Cay. The wreck is home to colorful fish and coral species, making it an interesting place to snorkel. Fortunately, the activity is not reserved for professionals since beginners can participate in the exploration of different compartments and admire the underwater beauty. There are various stories about how the plane ended up in the water. But regardless of the narrative, the spot effortlessly placed Exuma as a top destination in the Bahamas.

Hang out at Chat ‘N’ Chill

Created by Kenneth D. Bowe, it’s an iconic spot where visitors flock to sample the freshest conch salad, tropical drinks, delicious burgers and cold beers. The salad is prepared under the eyes of the tourists, which makes the whole island experience more intriguing. On the beach there are volleyball nets where adventurers can play with friends. Once they’re all sweaty, they can relax in the hammocks while admiring the stunning ocean views. Vacationers can also snorkel with their own gear, scrub their bodies with the fine sand and swim with the friendly stingrays.

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Visit famous landmarks that have been around for decades

Exuma is home to several landmarks that pique the interest of many. In addition to being visible from afar, each one shares its fascinating story. To finalize the trip to this island of pigs in beauty, travelers must stop at these three emblematic monuments.

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church

Founded in 1802, St. Andrew’s Anglican Church is a landmark worth visiting, especially for tourists who appreciate historic dwellings of worship. The quaint chapel was left to rot after pirates prevailed in Exuma. However, it was later rebuilt and opened in 1885 for mass services. The whitewashed church dominates everything, making it easy to spot it from different angles. It is perfectly placed in a serene location, where travelers can relax on the benches and enjoy the cool breeze. At the top of the hill, adventurers can also enjoy the exceptional views of Elizabeth Harbor and Lake Victoria.

Rock of the three sisters

Different monuments have unique stories behind them, but that of the Rock of the three sisters is quite captivating. The rock formations were named after three sisters who were drawn to the same man. All hell broke loose the day the English captain set sail after seeking refuge in Exuma. Under the spell of love, the young girls jumped into the ocean, each trying to pursue their lover. But unfortunately they drowned and three rocks erupted to indicate their tragic death. Witnessing the act of love is not the only activity here. It is a place where lovers can exchange vows and later snorkel or dive near the mystical formations.

salt beacon

On the Queen’s Highway is one of Exuma’s most significant landmarks, the Salt Beacon. It is surrounded by green sea grape bushes, turquoise blue seas and all that makes the Bahamas beautiful. The 30-foot-tall landmark served as a guide for ships that sailed from different regions to pick up the harvested salt. Salt harvesting was an iconic activity and this pillar is an evocative representation of the region’s history. There is a short walkway that leads vacationers to the top. Here they will enjoy all the scenic views while enjoying the soothing ocean breeze.

As we can see, this destination offers many activities suitable for all ages. Once tourists arrive in Exuma, it takes minutes to transition from the chaotic scenarios of bustling cities to a calming state of mind. It is a place where lovers of peace, romance and history do not feel satisfied to visit just once. They will flock to the island as often as their money and time will allow.

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