USA Swimming Announces 2022 Winter Junior Cups

USA Swimming has announced the time standards for the 2022 Winter Junior Championship meets. The meets are scheduled to take place Dec. 7-10, 2022, although venues have yet to be determined.

See the new time standards below:


The time standards are about the same as last year. The biggest change is that no Short Course Meter (SCM) time standard is listed for 2022 competitions, whereas the 2021 standards included an SCM time.

On the girls’ side, four of the 17 short course yards (SCY) remained the same. Ten of the 14 Long Distance Meter (LCM) time standards remained the same. The biggest overall changes were in the distance freestyle events, as the 1500 LCM freestyle became 3.9 seconds faster and the 800 LCM freestyle became 2.6 seconds faster. Most 100s became faster by less than 0.5 seconds, and most 200s became faster by less than 1 second.

On the boys side, the only SCY time that stayed the same was the 1000m freestyle. Six of the 14 LCM time standards remained the same. The biggest change was in the 1650 SCY Freestyle, as the cut became 3.1 seconds faster. Just like girls, most 100s are faster by less than 0.5 seconds, and most 200s are faster by less than 1 second.

Most “Bonus” cuts have also become faster. These “bonus” cups allow a swimmer to swim more than the events for which he has the fastest cup. Athletes are allowed to swim up to two additional events outside of the events for which they have the standard qualifying time, as long as they have reached the published “Bonus” cup.

The Junior Winter Championship meets feature some of the best 18-and-under swimmers in the country. This could be considered the “mid-season” version of a varsity season for club swimmers. There are two locations for encounters, one considered the “East” location and the other considered the “West” location. The competition is in preliminary and final format.

The 2021 Winter Junior Championships were marked by Thomas Heilman who went on to break national records by age group breaking a total of 14 in 11 days. The “West” location was on average the fastest site, although Heilman was in the “East” location. Olympians Katie Grimes and bella sims highlighted the “West” encounter.