Three-time winner Rori Kennedy has a record day for Ridley Twp. – Delco Times

Rori Kennedy’s record day was what Ridley Township Swim Club needed to overtake Karakung, 254-223, on the Delco Swim League season opener on Saturday.

Kennedy won the 100m individual medley, 50m backstroke and 50m breaststroke for girls 14 and under. She set a team record in the 50 backstroke clocking 29.84 seconds.

Ridley dominated the younger age groups. Fellow 14U Cody Hollenbach won the 50 butterfly, 50 freestyle and 50 backstroke. Hunter Zimmerman (100 IM, 50 butterfly and 50 free) and Wyatt Hoke (50 back and 50 chest) split the men’s 12U competitions, while Hoke swam to win the 14U 100 IM. Eli Hoke and Cole Evangelista swept the men’s 10U events, combining a winning relay, and Brody Zimmerman won the men’s 8U, freestyle and relay events. Peter Acquarola set the RTSC record in the boys 8U 25 chest at 22.34 seconds.

Karakung’s three triple winners came from the girls’ side: 10U Eleanor Stewart (flying, free, relay), 12U Ellyse Cafrey (IM, flying, relay) and 18U Sarah Krissinger (backstroke, free, relay).

Lawrence Park 276, Hilltop 197 >> Briana Klock set a Lawrence Park record in the 12U 100 IM, stopping at 1:12.34 to win the race on Saturday. She also won the 12U girls breast and free.

LPSC reset the pool record in the women’s 10U freestyle relay, the team of Greta Wooster, Beatrix Wilent, Violet Tripple and Kelsey Bianco clocking 1:06.40. Bianco won fly and free before that.

Thomas Petrucci won the boys 8U Fly, Chest and Free for Lawrence Park. The hosts swept the 18U women’s division via Alexa Conner (fly, back, free) and Rosa Huffman (IM, chest, relay).

Hilltop had three wins each over her 14U women’s relay teammates Winifred Hayes (flying, chest) and Francesca Hayes (back, free).

Folcroft 173, Primos 87 >> Young led the way for Folcroft in a low-scoring affair, as did the Macauleys, who contributed to five Folcroft treble winners.

Wyatt and Caleb Macauley shared the honors in the boys 10U division. Charlie Macauley won the girls 8U backstroke, breast and freestyle. Taylor Macauley won the 10U flight, breaststroke and relay. Julia Macauley won the 14U IM, flight and free.

In non-Macauley news, Maria Washington won the 10U IM and back. Her relay teammate Briana Alessandrine won the 10U backstroke and freestyle. Pat Manuel claimed flight 8U, back and free.

The Under-18s led Primos, with Emily Moore winning the Girls IM, Free and Relay, and Ryan Chandler claiming the Boys Chest, Free and Relay. Travis Meehan finished first in the boys 12U in volley, breaststroke and relay.

Broomall’s Lake 263, Ridley Park 188 >> The 14U women’s relay team set a group and team BLCC record clocking 2:02.22 in the 200 freestyle relay. The team consisted of Morgan Peterson, Anneliese McKean, Amelie Reno and Addison Schwelm.

Peterson has won backstroke and breaststroke races in his division. Ruby Schwelm won the other three 14U races – IM, fly and free.

Adison Strasser (IM, back) and Eva Graff (back, free) combined on a stint to split the spoils for the 12U girls. Sophia Saulino and Beppe Tangorra respectively won the 18U fly, freestyle and freestyle relay for boys and girls.

Braydan Saunders provided the highlight at Ridley Park, with a group and team record in the boys 10U 25 at 15.31 seconds. He also won the chest and freestyle races. Riley Faust won the girls’ 10U backstroke, freestyle and relay for the RPSC, and Anthony Bailey claimed the boys’ 8U flight, backstroke and relay.

Lansdowne 306, Springfield 165 >> Catherine DeMartinis led the way by winning the girls’ 12U IM, breaststroke and freestyle for Lansdowne, the only one of LSC’s six three-time winners to do so with individual events.

Twelve-and-under relay mates Leo Eichstaedt (IM, flight) and Colten Turner (back, free) won twice apiece. Ivie Enakhimion and Brady Turner each swept backstrokes and free runs to go with a relay triumph, and Cyril Rogers Wright won the boys 10U, free and relay chest.

The Springfield 18U men’s relay set a team and group record of 1:32.58 with the team of Jake Kennedy, Michael Huegel, Alex Chan and Ben Kutufaris. The latter also won the 50 breaststroke and the 100 freestyle.

Megan Myers has had victories in the 10U girls fly, back and free, the same events won by 8U boy Joey Berardocco.

Brookhaven 249, Riddlewood 182 >> Lucy McClellan, Gabe Gallagher and Kara Damico of Brookhaven each win three individual events to propel them to victory.

McClellan claimed the 14U girls 100 IM, 50 steal and 50 return. Gallagher won the 100 IM, 50 butterfly and 50 breaststroke in the 12U division. Damico was leading the women’s 100 individual medley 18U, butterfly and freestyle.

Sabo Graham added wins in the 100 individual medley, 50 breaststroke and freestyle relay in the boys 18U for Brookhaven.

Devyn Klineburger paced Riddlewood by winning the women’s 8U flight, freestyle and mixed relay. Jess Catania won the 100 IM girls 12U, backstroke and freestyle.

Briarcliffe 301, Clifton Heights 185 >> Briarcliffe produced the day’s eight treble winners, including four from the 18U division. The Traverses — Jeff (IM, free) and Josh (flying, backstroke) — combined on a relay triumph in the boys, as did breast/steering winner Ava Despeaux and backstroke/free winner Hannah Walkowiak on the side girls.

Alan Huynh and Michael Seeger won three events each, winning the MI, backstroke and free respectively in the boys 12U and 14U. Max Walkowiak won the boys’ 10U fly, breaststroke and freestyle relays. Addyson Despeaux won in the 14U girls’ IM, backstroke and freestyle relays.

Suburban Swim League

Sydney Bergstrom won the 18U girls medley relay, freestyle relay, breaststroke and freestyle events to lead Swarthmore Swim Club’s 273-200 win over Aronimink.

Cash Mote (boys 10U back, free), Rory McHugh (boys 12U back, chest) and Julia Parker (girls 14U back, flight) each paired a pair of individual wins with two relay wins.

Gavin Shifflett and Emilio Celebre each won an individual event to go along with two 18U relay victories, as did Jo Kelly and Ella Shifflett in the women’s 18U competition. Fiona Lehman, Hannah May and Matilda Turbiville combined on two winning 8U stints to go with individual wins, as did Gabe Cocos for the 10U boys, John Kelly for the 12U boys and Sylvie Bergstrom for the 14U girls.

Hidden Hollow 257, Rose Valley 193 >> Paul Iovaccini won the Boys 12U 50 backstroke and freestyle, Maack Rimler claimed the Boys 12U chest and fly, and the duo teamed up to win a pair of relays for HHSC.

Meghan Neidich won three individual events for Hidden Hollow, sweeping the girls 12U chest, freestyle and flying. Keegan Barnes (chest and flight) and Michael Thomas (backstroke and free) dominated the men’s 10U competition before teaming up to win the medley relay. Jillian Burke-Huyette won the women’s 10U breaststroke, flight and relay events. Evie Watkins was the fastest in the 14U girls’ breaststroke and flight before teaming up with Siena Scungio on the winning medley relay. Scungio also had victories in the freestyle and backstroke.

Wallingford 298, Splash 169 >> Wallingford’s relay dominance paved the way for eight four-time winners and eight three-time winners. Maya Putty and Anna Warley shared the stroke wins in the women’s 14U competition. Elizabeth Gaffney and Travis McDonough won backstroke and freestyle in the 8U girls and 12U boys divisions, respectively. Phillip Viera claimed the free and breast 14U boys. Jack Grider won the boys 10U back and chest, Harry Hyzer claimed the 10U back and fly and Elizabeth Whitehead claimed the girls 12U back and fly.

Adeline Keller (8U girls), Lauren Montague (10U girls), Ben Lu and Mario DiSilva (both 12U boys), Cayla Gaffney (12U girls), Julian Kirnos (14U boys), Abbey Schofield (18U girls) and Justin Wilson ( 18U boys) each paired an individual win with two relay wins.

Intra-County League

Wins for Alex Giordano in boys 12 and under IM, flyweight and chest led Prospect Park to a 235-172 win over Nassau.

Haleigh Devenny and Madison Ford each won their flyweight, backstroke and freestyle races in the girls 8U and 12U divisions respectively. Kaylie Ford won the girls 14U IM, freestyle and relay, and Marin Daniels reigned in the girls 18U IM, backstroke and freestyle.

Four of Nassau’s three-time winners have come from the boys’ side. Joey Meyer won the 8U flight, return and free, the same events won by Dominic Decro against 10U enemies. Jackson Moritz captured 14U IM, flight and return. Michael Tittermary was the top 18U in backstroke, freestyle and relay. Aubrey Meyer added victories in the girls 10U flight, backstroke and relay for Nassau.