The calendar of the Paris Olympic swimming competitions unveiled

The calendar of the Paris Olympic swimming competitions unveiled; Women 200 free, 1,500 free different days

After five consecutive Olympics with very similar schedules for swimming competitions, there will be a whole new lineup in place for the 2024 Games in Paris. The new competition schedule will include 35 finals in the pool, just like at the Tokyo Olympics last year, but the events will be spread over nine days of finals instead of eight, with the finals at La Défense Arena taking place from Saturday 27 July to Sunday August 4.

The revamped schedule will see the women’s 200m freestyle and 1500m freestyle finals moved to separate days in the schedule. In Tokyo, where the 1500m freestyle was contested for the first time at the Olympics, the two events were both held on the fourth night of the finals, and Katie Ledecky competed in both. She finished fifth in the 200 freestyle before winning gold in the 1500 freestyle. Ledecky skipped the 200 freestyle at this year’s World Championships, but with the extended schedule and the two events split, she may choose to return to the event in the future.

Additionally, the men’s and women’s 400 individual medley finals were moved from the first finals night for the first time in recent memory. Instead, the men’s event will be held on day two and the women’s on day three. Both 400 freestyle relays will be held on the first night (unlike previous Olympics where the men were held on the second day). The men’s and women’s 400 medley relays will conclude the Olympic swimming competition on day nine, while the mixed 400 medley relay will take place on day eight.

The men’s 200 backstroke and 200 IM have been moved to different days in the competition schedule. Previously, events were held back to back, which discouraged Michael Phelps never to have competed in the 200m at the Olympics. Phelps won four consecutive gold medals in the 200m individual medley at the Olympics, making him the only swimmer in any event to ever complete four laps, but his biggest rival in the event, Ryan Lochtecompeted in the 200 backstroke final before facing Phelps in the 200 IM at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

The full Paris Olympics finals schedule is shown below, with three to five finals scheduled each day. The preliminaries for each event and the semi-finals for each event of 200 meters and under take place the day before the finals indicated. For the 400 freestyle relays, 400 individual medleys and all freestyle relays, the preliminaries take place on the same day.

Saturday July 27 (1st day)

400m freestyle men
400m freestyle women
Women’s 400m freestyle relay
Men’s 400m freestyle relay

Sunday July 28 (second day)

400 IM men
100m butterfly women
100m breaststroke men

Monday, July 29 (third day)

400 IQ Women
200m freestyle men
100m backstroke men
women’s 100m breaststroke
200m freestyle women

Tuesday, July 30 (fourth day)

100m backstroke women
800m freestyle men
Men’s 800m freestyle relay

Wednesday, July 31 (day 5)

100m freestyle women
200m butterfly men
200m breaststroke men
1500m freestyle women
100m freestyle men

Thursday, August 1 (day six)

200m butterfly women
200m backstroke men
Women’s 200m breaststroke
Women’s 800m freestyle relay

Friday, August 2 (seventh day)

50m freestyle men
200m backstroke women
200 IM men

Saturday August 3 (eighth day)

100m butterfly men
200 IQ Women
800m freestyle women
Mixed 400 Medley Relay

Sunday August 4 (ninth day)

50m freestyle women
1500m freestyle men
Men’s 400m medley relay
Women’s 400 medley relay

The full competition schedule for all sports for Paris, originally published by NBC Sports, can be found here.