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Jul 13, 2022

To support your swimming and snorkeling, we continue to offer up to 20% off prescription swim goggles and up to 50% off snorkel masks.

Prescription swimming goggles allow individuals to swim recreationally and competitively. They not only provide clear vision, but also protect the eyes and allow swimmers to stay longer in the water. Swimfun Australia is a leader in prescription swim goggles, providing the essential devices for people with myopia, farsightedness and presbyopia. The company is currently offering discounts of up to 20% on prescription swim goggles.

Swimfun Australia offers fashionable swimming goggles, as well as snorkeling and snorkeling masks for children, teenagers and adults. Prescription Swimming Goggles are suitable for individual prescription for right and left eye and are available in different lens powers.

Clear, mirror and colored styles are available. Individuals can choose the most effective lenses for indoor swimming or low-light environments, as well as outdoor swimming by providing powerful UV protection. The company also offers non-prescription swim goggles with polarized mirror lenses and Gopro swim goggles – camera not included.

Prescription swim goggles were once only available in an optometrist’s office. Advancements in technology have allowed Swimfun Australia to offer state-of-the-art swim goggles and goggles for a wide variety of uses.

Swimming goggles have undergone huge changes. First used in Persia in the 14th century, diving goggles were made of tortoiseshell polished until almost transparent. Polynesian divers used wood and bamboo which worked by trapping air in the frames. More modern swimmers used motorcycle goggles, often treated with paraffin.

A more modern incarnation of swim goggles was originally developed for divers. They were bulky, cumbersome and used for swimming in open waters. Goggles provided eye protection, but were not used in swimming pools and prescription goggles were not an option. It wasn’t until 1968 that the widespread use of swimming goggles came into use in swimming pools. They were still not allowed in competitions until 1970 during the Commonwealth Games.

Today Swimfun Australia is one of the leading providers of custom swimming goggles which can adapt to prescriptions of different strengths for the right eye and the left eye. The goggles allow anyone to swim and dive in pools or open waters with comfort, confidence and clarity.

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We are a Sydney based company focused on providing good quality prescription swimming goggles in Australia and prescription snorkeling masks in Australia at affordable prices. Join us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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