South Lincs Swimming Club competes in the Lincolnshire County Championship

The second weekend of the Lincolnshire County Championships was held at Grantham and a team of 18 swimmers from South Lincs were in action competing in the 400m freestyle and 400m individual medley.

Both events brought more success to the South Lincs athletes as they collected another 16 medals to add to their haul for this year’s championships.

Daisy Rummery got off to a strong start as she battled her way through the 400m freestyle to claim bronze in the girls 16+ category.

Marguerite Rummery (54931008)

She also won bronze in the Senior Women’s Championship in this event as Daisy maintained a strong pace throughout the race and hit the wall in the season best time of 4.34.92, just half a second away. of his personal record.

Matteo Monaco was back in action in one of his favorite events.

After winning gold the first weekend in the 800m and 1500m freestyle, he was looking to add a third gold to his personal tally.

Matteo picked up a fast pace and maintained a fast pace throughout the race and, in a heat with boys much older than him, he ran the time and swam to a new personal best of 4.55. 56, breaking the five-minute barrier for the first time.

It was enough to secure the gold medal in the 13-year-old boys and Matteo also collected silver in the junior championship for the boys.

Matteo was back in action for the 400m individual medley and worked his way through the butterfly section of the race, which is his least favorite, then turned into his stronger strokes producing a great backstroke step and breaststroke of the race to get back in contention. before finishing with a fast freestyle stage.

Matteo Monaco (54931003)
Matteo Monaco (54931003)

Matteo hit the wall for another personal best 5.36.16 to take bronze in the 13-year-old boys age group.

Oscar Goldsmith won the 400m freestyle and the 400m individual medley and was rewarded with two gold medals in the 14-year-old boy category.

He swam the 400m freestyle with exceptional maturity, showing control in the first quarter of the race and then settling into a fast pace that he was able to maintain throughout the race.

Oscar hit home with a new personal best and a new club record of 4.25.99 to win his first gold medal.

In the 400m individual medley, Oscar swam vigorously in the medley.

Quick in the butterfly then strong in the backstroke and breaststroke sections, he brought the race home in style in the freestyle to finish with another personal best and club best of 5.05.20 for his second medal. Golden.

Oscar Goldsmith (54931002)
Oscar Goldsmith (54931002)

Oscar also won the Junior Boys Championship title in both of these events.

There was another South Lincs free kick in the 15-year-old boys age group of the 400m freestyle.

Alfie Bisby led the charge as he battled with teammate Alfie Robinson in their heat.

Both boys pushed each other at a brisk pace and, while Alfie Robinson hit the wall, it was Alfie Bisby who took gold in his age group with a new personal best of 4.22.05 .

Alex Sadler won the silver medal in this age group with a personal best of 4.26.68 and Oliver Sorrell took the bronze medal, also with a new personal best of 4.35.87.

Alfie Bisby grabbed double gold by stepping onto the podium in the 400m individual medley in his age group.

Alfie Bisby, Alex Sadler and Oliver Sorrell.  (54931012)
Alfie Bisby, Alex Sadler and Oliver Sorrell. (54931012)

Again, Alfie swam hard on all four strokes to finish with a new personal best of 4.57.74.

Once again Alfie was followed at home by Alex Sadler who captured his second silver with another personal best of 5.07.80.

It was double gold for Rico Bringeman as he took victory in the 400m freestyle and the 400m individual medley.

Rico was clearly a class apart from the rest of the field as he quickly took the lead in the 400m freestyle and pulled away from all the challengers in the race distance home with a strong 4.10 run. 87.

Again, in the 400m individual medley, Rico established an early lead that was never to be contested.

He touched the wall in 4.36.81 to win gold in the boys 16+ and also won the senior men’s title in both events.

Rico Bringeman (54931001)
Rico Bringeman (54931001)

In the 400m individual medley, Rico was followed by Luke Blanchard who had an excellent race.

Luke swam a solid butterfly section of the race and really attacked the backstroke section, which is traditionally his weakest phase of the race.

A solid breaststroke section saw Luke hang on to second place as he battled through the freestyle to get his hands on the wall.

Luc Blanchard (54931005)
Luc Blanchard (54931005)

The race ended in a fingertip finish that saw Luke claim the silver medal just 0.01 seconds ahead of his rival. Luke set a new personal best of 4.48.42.

The girls also added to South Lincs’ medal haul.

Daniela Bringeman earned a bronze medal in the 15-year-old girls’ 400m individual medley.

Daniela Bringeman (54931007)
Daniela Bringeman (54931007)

Daniela swam with real determination to set a new personal best of 5.37.97 to make it a podium finish in this event.

Ellisha Cookson was defending her title in the 400m individual medley but, injured, it was always going to be a challenge.

Ellisha swam an outstanding butterfly section of the race and produced a strong backstroke section for her fastest forward speed ever.

Ellisha Cookson (54931006)
Ellisha Cookson (54931006)

Despite a fierce battle in the breaststroke, Ellisha was unable to secure a sufficient lead to retain the gold medal as she was passed by her rival in the free section.

Ellisha clocked her second fastest time of 5.00.14 to win silver in the 16+ girls and senior ladies.

Frank Lamb was finally in action in his first County Championship event.

South Lincs Swim Club (54931004)
South Lincs Swim Club (54931004)

He swam the 400m individual medley in style to win the gold medal for the 13-year-old boys.

A quick opening section in the butterfly gave Frank an early lead as he moved to the backstroke where he swam vigorously to hold that lead over his closest rival.

The breaststroke saw him maintain the lead as the swimmers entered the freestyle section of the race and, as the gap closed, Frank had prepared well to hold on against the wall.

Frank set a new personal best of 5.26.78 and also captured bronze at the junior men’s championship to add gold to his age group.