Signing of contracts for new swimming facilities at Abbey Fields in Kenilworth

What the new Abbey Fields pools could look like once the work is complete. Photo courtesy of WDC

The contracts have now been exchanged, paving the way for the creation of two new multi-million pound swimming pools at Kenilworth.

A backdrop of inflation, archaeological surveys and supply chain issues in the construction industry led to unforeseen delays to the project, but now, after a long period of cost reassessments, the district council of Warwick has entered into an agreement with AR Demolition Ltd to demolish the current facilities. and with Kier to build the new swimming pools and adjoining facilities.

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The proposed sunny terrace. Photo courtesy of WDC

Warwick District Council’s portfolio holder for economy and culture, Cllr Liam Bartlett, said: ‘While we regret the delay in starting work, it was crucial that we did not compromise on the quality or value for money for municipal ratepayers for these new facilities.

“I am therefore delighted to announce that contracts have now been signed allowing us to provide residents of the area with two magnificent swimming pools at Abbey Fields, with additional year-round pool space, a sun terrace and a cafe, which is in harmony with its beautiful backdrop.

“I intend to provide local ratepayers with as much transparency as possible on the revised project costs and will provide a committee of council with a full report as soon as possible.”

The next stage of work will see demolition contractors on site, installing fencing and hoarding. There will also be other archaeological excavations.

The coffee offered. Photo courtesy of WDC

These investigations will take place at the same time as the demolition.

Additionally, the council said they could confirm that the children’s play area and tennis courts will be closed during the works, although the play area will remain open at weekends for the duration of the project. .

Bridge Street Road and the small walkway next to the pool will be closed during construction.

A temporary path is being created above the duck feeding platform at Abbey Fields to provide access from the High Street to Abbey Hill, which will open up when the palisade is assembled, avoiding any inconvenience for the public/park users.