Round-up of the latest action from the Deepings Swimming Club

Six swimmers from Deepings Swimming Club qualified for the 50s day at the East Midlands Regional Long Course Championships, which took place on bank holiday Monday.

Sadie Hunter, Millie Herrick, Holly Leggott, Sophie Baskeyfield, Jacob Briers and club captain Harry Cardell traveled to Ponds Forge International Pool in Sheffield to compete against top swimmers from Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire in the sprint 50 meters. events.

All bar Sophie will be back next weekend to compete in the 100m, 200m and 400m events.

Sadie Hunter, Holly Leggott, Harry Cardell, Sophie Baskeyfield and Jacob Briers set to compete in East Midlands Regional Championships

The team acquitted themselves well, using the many hours of hard work in the Stamford Endowed Schools training pool to achieve several personal bests.

Both Holly and Harry competed in three events in the 17+ age group, each swimming a personal best in the 50m butterfly.

Holly dropped nearly a second and a half from her previous best to clock 31.54 and finished 33rd out of 49 swimmers while Harry shaved off half a second to pass 28.51 for 52nd out of 61.

In her favorite backstroke, Holly finished 21st out of 48, just short of her best time, while in the 50m freestyle she finished 26th. Harry’s highest placing also came in the 50m backstroke – 33rd. He came 56th in the 50m freestyle.

The top placing was achieved by Jacob in the 14-year-old age group 50m breaststroke, his solo swim, where he finished 17th in a new long course best time of 37.59.

Sadie, who finished 22nd in the 14-year-old 50m butterfly, Millie, who finished 27th in the 15-year-old 50m freestyle, and Sophie, who finished 48th in the 17/0 50m butterfly also competed in single races.

While the performance team was in Sheffield, the club’s young swimmers competed for medals at the annual Tulip Open Meet hosted by South Lincs in Spalding.

They were joined for part of the event by Jacob Briers, who prepared for the regional championships by winning three gold and three silver medals in his six Tulip races, swimming five short course personal bests ( 25 meters) in the process.

His victories came in the 50m breaststroke, where he swam a personal best to set a new Tulip meet record for 13-year-old boys at 36.28, as well as the 50m and 100m backstroke. Jacob also took silver in the 100m freestyle and the 50m and 100m butterfly.

In total, the club won 45 medals during the Tulip competition – 20 gold, 14 silver and 11 bronze.

Deepings won 45 medals at the Tulip competition, including 20 gold.
Deepings won 45 medals at the Tulip competition, including 20 gold.

Ashton Hunter, nine, won all six of his events, with standout performances including the 200m butterfly, where he swam an incredible personal best 37 seconds at 3:36.63, and the 200m individual medley, where he knocked 23 seconds off his previous best to touch home in 2:23.66.

Ashton also won the 50m butterfly, 100m freestyle and the 50m and 100m backstroke.

He wasn’t the only nine-year-old Deepings in spectacular form.

Oliver Clarke won four gold medals in the 50m and 100m breaststroke, 50m freestyle and 100m butterfly (with a whopping personal best of 28 seconds, at 2:02.47). Oliver added silver in the 50 butterfly and bronze in the 100 freestyle.

Meanwhile, nine-year-old Olivia Laud also shone with four golds, all swum with personal bests, 50m butterfly, 100m freestyle (a 15-second record of 1:59.65) , 50m and 100m backstroke.

Lottie Flatters, who finished third in the 9-year-old 50m breaststroke, highlighted the club’s new strength in depth.

Golden performances continued as Lewis Tarver touched home first in the 13-year-old 200m backstroke (with a personal best 10 seconds of 2:45.01) and 100m breaststroke, while he also won silver in the 200m breaststroke and a pair of bronzes in the 50m. breaststroke and 200m freestyle (with a 19-second PB of 2:37.68).

Eleanor Twinley won first place with gold in the 11-year-old 200m butterfly.

However, the medals didn’t stop there as Eydee Chilvers won silver in the 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke aged 11, as well as bronze in the 100m freestyle, all with some great new personal bests. .

Charlotte Jenkinson won silver in the 11-year-old 100m butterfly, Eloise Walker took silver in the 14-year-old 50m and 100m freestyle and 50m butterfly as well as bronze in the 50m breaststroke, and Isabella Reynolds took the bronze in the 11-year-old 200m freestyle.

Meanwhile, on the boys’ side, James Cash won a silver treble in the 11-year-old 100m butterfly, 200m freestyle and 200m breaststroke, plus bronze in the 50m freestyle, and Jack Cradock won the bronze in the 13-year-old 50m freestyle, 100m butterfly and 100m breaststroke. .

The outstanding performances saw the boys finish third out of seven teams, while the girls came sixth out of eight.

Emma Affleck, Chloe Bellis, Macy Bundock, Florence Carlson, Jessie Desborough, Hannah Cradock, Grace Hurn, Lucy Jenkinson, Olivia King, Mieke McDonald, Sam and Jemma Munro also put in strong performances at the Tulip Meet to set multiple records personal. , Clea Treharne, Jack Bell, Thomas and William Burdock, George Shaw and Kai Watson.