Ram 1500 TRX takes expensive swimming lesson, but still drowns

The Ram 1500 TRX can do a lot of things, but swimming isn’t on the list, as there isn’t a dedicated Water mode alongside Sport, Snow, Mud / Sand, Rock, Baja, and Custom modes.

Not only that, but Ram advises against driving in water “unless the depth is known and conforms to the fording rating of the vehicle in the owner’s manual,”Which is 32 inches (81.3 cm) in case you were wondering.

What’s more, “crossing water can cause damage which may not be covered by the new vehicle warranty,», Indicates the automaker on its official website.

So why did the owner of this 1500 TRX choose to ignore these warnings and crash into a body of water between two relatively close sandbanks? This is a question that only he can answer.

In photos shared on social media by Xtreme Off-Road Park almost two weeks ago, you can clearly see him trying to evacuate the truck through the window, as water covered much of the doors. It is very likely that the bed was also flooded, but at least both bikes seem to have escaped unscathed.

Since he chose to abandon ship, we believe that either the engine stopped working or the truck started to float. Either way, we wouldn’t want to be in his place to explain to the insurance company this “hold my beer” moment.

Unfortunately, the Facebook post didn’t say anything about where the incident happened or what happened next, so we naturally went to the comments section looking for more information. Nonetheless, we were amused by some of the answers, so we recommend that you check them out for yourself.

And for God’s sake, please do some responsible off-roading. “in approved areas”Only – yes, that’s also written on Ram’s website, alongside some other juicy details about the 1500 TRX that every owner should know.