Radford family mother Sue bursting with pride after her daughter’s first swimming lesson

Sue Radford has shared her pride after her daughter Bonnie thrived during her first swimming lesson.

The 22-year-old mum, who lives in Morecambe, said the three-year-old was “the least water-confident” of all her children. Sue, 49, said her daughter cried as she arrived for her very first swimming lesson on Tuesday (September 13).

However, by the end of the session, she was “going off and having fun.” Sue hopes the lessons will boost her daughters’ confidence in the water because “you never know when you’ll need that skill”.

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Sue and her husband Noel are the heads of Britain’s biggest family and often share updates about their lives on social media. They also have a TV show called 22 Kids & Counting.

Writing on her Instagram Stories, in a photo of Bonnie standing smiling in the locker room, Sue wrote: “Bonnie had her first swimming lesson today. She cried when she first walked in for a few minutes.

Sue Radford started sending her daughter, Bonnie, to swimming lessons

“But at the end of the lesson she jumped in and enjoyed it and out of all our kids, Bonnie was the least confident in the water.

“So hopefully these lessons will help him gain confidence because I think it’s so important to learn to swim and be confident in the water because you never know when you’ll need that skill.”

She added: “But baby steps, she really enjoyed her first lesson, so keep it up next week.”