Pershore Swimming Club win Worcester County Championships

Pershore Swimming Club collected 89 medals and 13 trophies at the recent Worcester County Swimming Championships.

The club had 35 qualified swimmers for the event which took place last month.

There were some impressive solo performances over the course of the championship, but three in particular stole the show.

In the 16-year-old category, David Annis won the “Top Boy” award for collecting 29 medals and seven trophies.

He won 17 gold medals for swimming in his own age group and for fastest overall he collected seven championship gold medals and seven trophies, two championship silver medals and three bronze medals at the championships.

Patrick Heeks in the 17+ group won 16 medals. In his age group, he collected three gold medals, four silver and one bronze. For the fastest swims overall, he won a championship trophy, five silver medals and two bronze medals.

As for the girls, Hannah Woodcock in the 17+ age group also had a fantastic collection of 23 medals and five trophies.

At her swimming age, she amassed eight gold and four silver medals, as well as five gold medals and championship trophies and six silver for the fastest swims.

Elizabeth Annis collected 12 medals in the 13-year-old category while there were also medals for Harry Porter, Liam Boulton and Toby Marchant.