Penampang Preppies Swimming Club emerge as overall champions | Daily Express Online

Kota Kinabalu: Penampang Preppies Swimming Club (PPSC) emerged as overall champions at the 54th Sabah Invitational Age Group Swimming Championships 2022 organized by the Sabah Aquatic Sports Association (Sasa) at the Aquatics Center at the Sports Complex from Kota Kinabalu over the weekend.

They collected 49 gold, 52 silver and 54 bronze to cap the medal tally, followed by second-place finisher Sea Dragon Swimming Club (SDSC) with 34 gold, 25 silver, 26 bronze and the SSA Swimming Club (SSA) with 17 gold, 20 silver and 10 bronze in third place. Other participating clubs were Blue Marlin Swimming Club, PJMS Aquatic Swimming Club (PJMS) and guest teams Labuan Aquatic Association (PAL) and Sabah Malaysia Sports School (SSMS).

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