Oxford Disabled Swimming Club will celebrate 45 years

A swimming club for people with disabilities will celebrate its 45th anniversary with an awards ceremony.

At 12.30pm on Saturday 10th September, the Oxford Swans Disabled Swimming Club will hold an awards night in the North Oxford Association building, next to the Ferry Center swimming pool in Summertown.

Oxford Mayor Councilor James Fry will present the awards to swimmers with disabilities to mark the progress they have made in the pool.

The event will also be a celebration of the club’s 45th anniversary.

The club started in 1977 when a small group of people got together and decided to start a disabled swimming club in Oxford.

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The first Oxford Swans sessions were held in the pool at Ormerod Special School, but it was soon realized that a larger pool was needed, and the club moved to Ferry Pool in Summertown, Oxford, with support from Oxford City Council.

The club is run entirely by volunteers and teaches using the Halliwick concept, where swimmers are taught individually until they are proficient and do not need any assistance.

Games and activities are used in teaching to help swimmers learn in an enjoyable way.

Covid disrupted club activities, but social sessions, online, with chants led by ‘Singalong’ took place during this period.

Sessions are now taking place again and an Oxford Swan spokesman said: “I hope the Oxford Swans can look forward to celebrating 50 years and beyond.”

For more information visit: https://oxfordswans.com

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