Members of Bishop’s Stortford Swimming Club won nine relay medals in the third and final weekend of the Hertfordshire County Championships

Members of Bishop’s Stortford Swimming Club won nine medals as the relays took center stage in the third and final weekend of the Hertfordshire County Championships.

The loot, which was seven more than in 2020, included one gold, five silver and three bronze.

The 200m freestyle and medley relays were divided into three categories – age group (13 and under), junior championship (15 and under) and championship (10 and over) – with men’s, women’s and mixed in each.

And the Stortford sides, who produced excellent returns and stunning finishes, finished in the top eight of 18 events. The club gold medal was won by Kirsty Neill, Alice Longman, Ella Greatbatch and Imogen Tang in the junior championship women’s freestyle relay.

Once the race was over, Swim England Hertfordshire crowned the top swimmers overall and Greatbatch (14), Neill (15) and Niamh James (18+) took first place for their age group.

Elliot Hall (12) finished second in his group while five other swimmers were in the top eight: Dylan Davenport (13, fourth), Bella Parkus (17, fourth), Ethan David-Tostevin (13, fifth), Jacob Hayes (15, fifth) and Brandon Macdonald-Williams (14, sixth).

Junior Championship women’s relay gold medalists, left to right, Kirsty Neill, Alice Longman, Ella Greatbatch and Imogen Tang (55539166)

Medals from the entire competition were tallied and Stortford finished fourth overall behind top clubs Hatfield, City of St Albans and Potters Bar. Women (all ages) were seeded second, Junior Championship women came first, and both genders came second in the championship standings.

Relay results: Age group – 2nd Dylan Davenport, Ethan David-Tostevin, Zoe Opiyo, Felice Chan (mixed freestyle); 2 Felice Chan, Maisy Martindale, Imogen Bell, Zoe Opiyo (women’s freestyle); 3 Ethan David-Tostevin, Molly Greatbatch, Felice Chan, Dylan Davenport (mixed medley); 4 Maisy Martindale, Molly Greatbatch, Felice Chan, Zoe Opiyo (female medley); 4 Dylan Davenport, Elliot Hall, Samuel Bird, Ethan David-Tostevin (men’s freestyle); 7 Samuel Bird, Ethan David-Tostevin, Dylan Davenport, Elliot Hall (male medley).

Junior Championship – 1 Alice Longman, Kirsty Neill, Ella Greatbatch, Imogen Tang (women’s freestyle); 3 Jacob Hayes, Kirsty Neill, George Taylor, Ella Greatbatch (mixed medley); 4 Hollie Heighes, Ella Greatbatch, Kirsty Neill, Zoe Opiyo (female medley); 5 Jacob Hayes, George Taylor, Imogen Tang, Alice Longman (mixed freestyle); 7 Jacob Hayes, Leo Suo-Saunders, George Taylor, Brandon Macdonald-Williams (men’s medley); 8 Jacob Hayes, Beau Reilly, George Taylor, Dylan Davenport (men’s freestyle).

Championship – 2 Niamh James, Lauren Gore, Emma Fields, Millie Fields (female medley); 2 Jago Derrington, Callum Davis, Sami Zemzami, Callum Cox (male medley); 2 Millie Fields, Emma Fields, Meisha Trend-Evans, Niamh James (women’s freestyle); 3 Callum Davis, Callum Cox, Jago Derrington, Sami Zemzami (men’s freestyle); 4 Jago Derrington, Kirsty Neill, Callum Davis, Millie Fields (mixed medley); 5 Callum Davis, Millie Fields, Meisha Trend-Evans, Sami Zemzami (mixed freestyle).