Members of Bishop’s Stortford Swimming Club perform well at Hertfordshire County Swimming Championships in England

After a year apart, the Swim England Hertfordshire County Championships kicked off 2022 with a bang for Bishop’s Stortford Swimming Club.

Stortford had 47 swimmers qualified to compete and they headed to Borehamwood to compete in over 200 individual swims over four weekends of exhilarating competition.

For 11-year-old Lois Fields and Eddy Cheng, it was their first experience of competing at County Championships, but they controlled their nerves and performed brilliantly.

Fields won bronze in the 50 backstroke 10-11 and was fourth in the 100 freestyle while Cheng was sixth in the 50 breaststroke.

The novice trio competing in the 12 age group also excelled, with Molly Greatbatch winning gold in the 200m backstroke and silver in the 200m individual medley. Elliot Hall won silver in the 200m individual medley and 400m freestyle as well as bronze in the 200m freestyle, and Maisy Martindale took bronze in the 50m freestyle and backstroke.

It was a very successful championship with 26 members of the Stortford team winning age group medals – 26 gold, 30 silver and 20 bronze – and over 75% of the races going among the top eight.

Some of the Bishop’s Stortford Swimming Club members at the county championships (55438963)

Swimmers also competed to be crowned Junior (15 and under) and Open (10 and over) champions with nine swimmers achieving major success.

At the junior championships, Kirsty Neill won six gold medals (100m/200m/400m individual medley, 50m/100m/200m breaststroke), one silver (400m freestyle) and one bronze ( 200m freestyle). Alice Longman won a silver medal (50m freestyle) and two bronze medals (100m freestyle, 100m individual medley)) and 14-year-old Ella Greatbatch won two bronze medals (100m/200m breaststroke).

In the open championships, Niamh James dominated the backstroke, winning four gold medals (50m/100m/200m backstroke, 400m individual medley) and one silver (200m individual medley).

Callum Davis won three gold medals (100m individual medley, 50m/100m butterfly), a silver (200m individual medley) and two bronze (50m freestyle, 50m breaststroke) while Sami Zemzami won a gold medal (200 m freestyle), a silver (100 m butterfly) and a bronze (100 m freestyle).

Millie Fields won silver in the 200m freestyle and her younger sister Jessie took bronze in the 100m butterfly.

Jago Derrington, 16, won two gold medals (200m backstroke, 400m freestyle) and two silver medals (200m individual medley, 1,500m freestyle) while Kirsty Neill, 15, beat a solid and much older competition to win gold in the 200m breaststroke as well as three bronze medals (100m breaststroke, 100m/400m individual medley).

With many swimmers from previous championships now at university, these results reflect great progress for the club and promise an exciting future.

Complete list of swimmers by age group: 11 years old – Champs Lois, Eddy Cheng;

12 years – Elliot Hall, Maisy Martindale, Molly Greatbatch;

13 years – Charles German, Dylan Davenport, Ethan David-Tostevin, Felice Chan, Zoe Opiyo;

14 years old – Beau Reilly, Brandon Macdonald-Williams, Catherine Clune, Eliza Andrews, Ella Greatbatch, Hollie Heighes, Leo Suo-Saunders, Robert Gor;

15 years old – Alice Longman, Ellen Millar-Bond, George Grimwood, George Taylor, Imogen Tang, Jacob Hayes, Kirsty Neill;

16 years old – David Badcock, Emma Fields, Grace Mason, Jago Derrington, Jessica Fields, Lauren Gore, Leanne Suo-Saunders, Lilian Opiyo, Meisha Trend-Evans, Miriam Moukdad, Samuel Carter, Callum Cox;

17 years -Bella Parkus, Freya Reilly, Isabella Good, Sami Zemzami;

18 and over – Aoife James, Callum Davis, Eleanor Mason, Joe Collins, Millie Fields, Niamh James.