Lisburn woman charged with defrauding swimming club of £18,000

A 50-year-old woman has been charged with £18,000 fraud against her local swimming club.

Amanda McKeown, a burnt woman, has refunded “all the money” and denies fraud, the city trial court said Thursday.

A defense attorney claimed that McKeown had no intention of making a gain but had made a mistake which had been rectified.

McKeown is charged with fraud by abusing a position of trust she held at Lisburn Swimming Club by transferring £18,493 to her own bank account on September 16, 2019.

A lawyer on behalf of McKeown, of Spring Meadow, has pleaded not guilty to the sole charge brought against her.

A lawyer said the case against McKeown will remain in magistrates court. Assistant District Judge Chris Holmes said she was ‘lucky enough’ not to face proceedings in the Crown Court.

“All the money has been reimbursed, which is why it remains in the hands of the magistrates”, explained the lawyer.

McKeown’s defense attorney told the judge that his client denied the offense on the grounds that there was no intent to make a gain for herself.

“There is an act but essentially it was a mistake which she later rectified,” he said.

District Judge Holmes adjourned the case for two weeks until March 10 to set a date for the contest.