John Legend’s swimming lesson with Ryan Lochte has him joking about an Olympic race – VIDEO

In case you missed it, in early 2019, John Legend talked about taking swimming lessons for the first time in years. Well, recently the singer took a big step forward in his journey, this time with the help of an expert. As reported by JustJared, John Legend took swimming lessons with Olympian Ryan Lochte. Take swimming lessons with an Olympic swimmer? I can’t really think of a better way for him to learn.

On April 8, Lochte posted a video of their last lesson, which shows how much Legend has improved in his swimming abilities. The athlete captioned the post with:

“Not a bad way to start my week. Swimming with @johnlegend giving him swimming tips and getting him ready for the 2020 Olympics haha!”

At this rate, Legend is well on his way to becoming a total pro in the water, as he even clashed with Lochte during their pool session. Like the Olympian, the “All of Me” singer also joked about his 2020 Olympic prospects, saying “I made the team,” once they complete one of their rounds, this which elicited laughter and “2020” chants from everyone watching the course.

Seeing like it’s only just begun classes resume in January, Legend has definitely come a long way in his swimming abilities in just a few short months. And it looks like he has Lochte partly to thank for that.

Legend has been pretty open about resuming his swim lessons. In January, he tweeted about taking a lesson, his first since the age of 5. He wrote: “I can’t really swim. Today I took my first swimming lesson since I was about 5. My dad learned in his 60s so I feel like I’m to be ahead of my schedule.”

According to a follow-up tweet, the singer is apparently following his kids’ lead by spending time in the pool. When a fan asked him if he was learn alongside their children, Luna and Miles, he replied, “They already started months ago!” Now that he’s making progress in his own classes, he’ll at least be able to keep up with his kids during their days at the pool or beach.

Days after Legend’s admission, his wife, Chrissy Teigen, showed off her swimming progress on Instagram, writing that she was “so proud” that her husband was learning an important new skill.

In 2016, Teigen revealed that neither she nor Legend could swim, but wanted to learn for their children. According to Peoplethe Lip Sync Battle the host said they just didn’t grow up with “water in their face,” but are dedicated to learning now. She told the publication: “And we don’t want to be helpless in any way, so we’re going to try to learn for Luna. We’re going to bring someone home.

Cut to three years later, and it looks like the family have indeed enlisted the help of one of the best swimmers in the world to help them learn the technique. And based on his recent Lochte lesson, Legend is setting up to be one of the strongest swimmers in the game.