Houston man swims to raise money for cancer research

Robert McLaren plans to compete in all 24 Swim Across America open water swims.

HOUSTON – A 60-year-old man from Houston plans to participate in various swimming events across the country to raise money for cancer research through the nonprofit group Swim across America.

Robert McLaren plans to participate in the nonprofit’s 24 open water swims. Since joining the group in 2009, McLaren has raised more than $107,000 for cancer research.

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Cancer is a personal matter for McLaren. According to the nonprofit, her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at age 80 in 2005, but was able to receive successful treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

“I am grateful for the incredible care provided by MD Anderson to my father, which has provided him and our family with another 14 years of high quality life,” McLaren said.

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McLaren has already swum seven of the nonprofit’s 24 events in 2021 and plans to swim a further nine in 2022 with the aim of having swum all events in just three years.

McLaren is presented as one of the “35 impact stories“, which can be read on the Swim Across America website.