Highland Swimming Club aims high

The herald

Ellina Mhlanga, senior sports journalist
HIGHLANDS Swim Club coach Macalvine Makoni said they would like to see their swimmers reach great heights in the sport after successfully defending the title at the Harare Senior Championships.

The club came out on top in the championships held at the Les Brown pool and Makoni said that despite some challenges due to the prevailing circumstances due to Covid-19, their swimmers have done well so far.

“It’s been a pretty hectic season with the covid… a lot of ups and downs, missed sessions and then also the weather, so it’s been quite interesting. And as usual we had our main competitors who are your Pirates and Spartans who are doing very well in the race.

“But our swimmers managed to hold on, which was good despite everything that happened. So basically as coaches we’re in awe of that, when swimmers deliver, ”said Makoni.

They hope their swimmers will continue to lead the second half of the 2021-2022 season.

And Makoni added that they are not just focusing on short-term plans, but would like to prepare swimmers for bigger events as well.

“As a club, we try to aim for more than that, which is the Olympics, so that our swimmers get started and participate in the Olympics.

“Most of them received medals. I always say they are fed up with these things so we have to aim bigger.

“So as part of our training sessions and also with the time we have, we try to get our swimmers to start making time for the South African junior championships, and even the Youth Games. , and until the Olympics, these are our plans.

“So we have long-term plans involving that. So God willing, I hope everything turns out like this, ”Makoni said.