GMX7 Weekly Wonders of Age Group Swimming – 22/07/2022

In our GMX7 The Wonders of Age Group Swimming weekly series, we celebrate swimmers of all ages and experience levels with age group profiles of some recent results.

Brynn Lavigueur, 14, Westbrook Seals (SEAL-ME): Lavigueur had a staggering seven best times at the LCM Maine Summer Championships in Waterville, including a pair of 30.2 efforts in the 50m backstroke. The Westbrook Seal clocked times of 30.22 and 30.26 at the meet, the fastest time ranking her tied for 34th all-time among 14-year-old girls.

Amir Ali, 12, Aquazot Swim Club (AZOT-CA): Running at the Socal Summer JOMAX meet in Tustin, Calif., Ali dropped a time of 4:22.30 in what was his first-ever 400 IM (SCY), ranking him 62nd all-time in the age group. boys aged 11 to 12. Ali also swam a best time of 2:09.37 in the 200 butterfly and jumped immediately in the Mission Viejo Summer Olympics meet on Thursday.

Lexi Cook, 14, Rockwood Swim Club (RSCA-OZ): Competing at the MV Region VIII Speedo Summer Meet in Columbia, Cook posted five best times, highlighted by a trio of impressive swims in the backstroke events. Cook took over a second in the 200 backstroke to finish in 2:17.03, beating the all-time top 100 for girls 13-14 (99th). The 14-year-old also clocked 30.97 in the 50 backstroke and 1:04.98 in the 100 backstroke.

Luke Zardavets, 13, Planet Swim Aquatics (PSA-FL): Zardavets produced a huge fall in the 100 breaststroke in the North End of the Florida Summer Age Group Championships last weekend, losing nearly two seconds in 1:09.09. That time makes the Planet Swim Aquatics swimmer the 57th fastest 13-year-old boy of all time in the United States. He also scored new records in five other events of the competition.

Isabel Wu, 12, Santa Clara Swim Club (SCSC-PC): Wu lost four seconds in the 400 individual medley at the Santa Clara Super League Summer Finals last weekend, clocking 5:08.34 to tie for 37th all-time in the girls 11 at the age of 12. Wu also reset his best time in the 200 IM in three straight weeks, clocking 2:28.10, 2:27.72 and finally 2:26.97.

Sam Marsteiner, 14, New Wave Swim Team (WAVE-NC): Marsteiner took off by half a second in the 200 end at the North Carolina Age Group Championships in Greensboro, touching in 2:05.79 to beat his best month of 2:06.30 and advance to t- 23rd all-time among boys 13-14. Marsteiner added six more high-level best times during the meet, including placing 38th in age group history in the 100m butterfly (56.94) and 97th in the 100m backstroke (59.82).

David McCagg, world champion swimmer and founder of GMX7

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