Dar hosts the 2022 national swimming club championship

The event was scheduled to start from 8 a.m. and organizers called on all swimmers to work hard to earn silverware.

The participating swimmers come from seven clubs namely Taliss-IST, Dar es Salaam Swimming Club, Bluefins, FK Blue Marlins, Moshi, Morogoro International School (MIS) Piranhas and Mwanza Swimming Club.

According to Organizing Committee Chairperson Hadija Shebe, the event is open to all swimmers registered with the Tanzania Swimming Association (TSA) for the 2021/22 season.

All foreign swimmers, who have met the qualifying time standards and cleared by their federations to be in the TNCC, are also eligible for the showdown.

Hadija revealed that foreign swimmers will be allowed to participate in the event after submitting permission letters from their respective national swimming authorities.

The official said they expected an exciting event by the qualifying time standards they decided to use at this year’s event.

She said the qualifying time standards aim to select the best swimmers before choosing a few to form the national team ahead of various international competitions.

According to Hadija, the schedule of events shows that a total of 60 events will take place during the first day, while the rest during the second day.

“It is a very important competition for the swimmers because it will serve to select those of all age categories to form the national team. So they have to fight for that,” Hadija noted.

She said the competition is a qualifying event which will also be used to select swimmers for the African Swimming Federation (CANA) zone three, as well as the World Swimming Federation (FINA) events for this year. .

The competition will be conducted under FINA rules and TSA regulations.

Official TSA Added Swimmers will compete in the event according to their age groups of 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and 15+.

Hadija said individual medals will be awarded to the top three swimmers in each event/category and the top three winners will also receive trophies.