‘Coding not enough, you also have to know how to swim’: Wipro’s waterlogged office in Bangalore evokes twisted humor

Wipro’s waterlogged office at Sarja Road in Bengaluru has drawn mixed reactions from industry leaders and netizens. While some resorted to humor, others urged relevant authorities to take concrete steps to address the bottleneck problem plaguing India’s Silicon Valley. An employee of Mahindra Logistics said that coding is not good enough to get a job in Bangalore, you also have to know how to swim.

The user wrote, “Coding is not enough to get a job in Bangalore. You also need to know how to swim. I am planning swimming lessons before moving to Bangalore, wish me luck.

upGrad CEO Arjun Mohan also chimed in and said that Bellandur in Karnataka is “home to some of the biggest tech brands in the world”, while adding that the region contributes a large chunk of software exports to India and is one of the fastest growing product clusters. companies in India.

A Microsoft employee noted, “Today, as of this writing, I have NO drinking water at home, water in the toilets, high-speed internet, electricity, and my vehicles are submerged. Even the mobile network is intermittently in 4G. Traffic is not moving and we can’t get out/escape. »

A Flipkart employee decided that the best way to turn this crisis into an opportunity was to come up with a business idea to start a boat and cruise business in Bangalore. He said their business highlights would include providing safe and secure street-to-street travel, cruising to play games while stuck in traffic, water sports like rafting and scuba diving, among others.

FarmDesk.in CEO Siddharth Dey urged people to work towards finding solutions rather than saying “It’s okay” when it’s not. Dey wrote: “Over 1,000 lakes have been destroyed in Bangalore so far. You don’t feel bad? Try to find solutions to save the city rather than saying “everything is fine”. NOPE. All is not well. The situation is alarming and being a citizen of Bangalore, get up before it’s too late.

This issue has also been discussed on Twitter, with former Infosys director Mohandas Pai saying that Bengaluru could be the only tech hub in the world where developers tasked with building apps aiming to deliver in 10 minutes travel. two hours to get to work.

Bangalore is raining news

Further showers are likely to make matters worse as heavy rain, thunderstorms and lightning have been forecast for Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh on September 8-9. 7 and 9.

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