Cebu government bans swimming and other activities off Cordoba

Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia has issued a new executive order banning public swimming and similar activities in all waters surrounding the city of Cordova.

This, after the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources confirmed the presence of faecal coliforms through sampling of ambient coastal water in the Barangay Catarman area.

“There is an urgent need to immediately prohibit public bathing and similar activities found in the coastal waters of Cordova, Cebu bounded by the technical descriptions,” Garcia said in its order.

The Department of Health had previously issued a similar notice, but only covering the specific Catarman barangay.

Garcia’s order prohibits swimming and other activities in all areas covering the city.

The new order stems from a meeting with the owners of the floating chalets who refused to remove their structures.

Garcia ordered their removal until the last week of August to make way for the rehabilitation of the city’s waters.

At the meeting, the governor gave them until October 5 before sending demolition crews.

The provincial government said it would provide financial assistance of 10,000 pesos each to affected owners.

There are 73 owners of floating cabins while 54 are owners of fixed structures. Additionally, 147 boat operators whose livelihoods will be affected by the order will also receive 5,000 pesos.