Bellingen Diggers Swimming Club – News from the region



We had nine keen swimmers tonight.

First race: 3 relays of 50 m, appointment time.

You will discover the results during the presentation evening.

Second race: $100m freestyle

There was a bust in this race, with Elizabeth Casey taking twenty-two seconds of her time.

Heat One: Amanda Vockler came from behind first and second was Mike Navin.

Second run: Peter Allison took this race first, Paul Sheridan second and Anne Taylor third.

Final: Peter Allison held by the skin of his teeth first and in the silver, second was Paul Sheridan and third was Amanda Vockler.

Race 3: 50m freestyle

There were three busts in this race, with Jill Williams, Elizabeth Casy and Cath Fisher taking a second off their time.

First run: Mike Navin took first place.

Run two: Peter Allison came in first by a fingernail, closely followed by Anne Taylor in second and third was Paul Sheridan.

Race 4: 25m backstroke

There were two busts in this race, with Peter Allison taking a second off his time and Cath Fisher taking two seconds off her time.

Round One: Jill Williams had the windmill arms coming in first, second was Elizabeth Casey and third was Mike Navin.

Run Two: Tim Fry won this race first, Amanda Vockler second and Anne Taylor third.

A great evening had by all, come join us for some fun and laughter on a Monday night at 6am.