Ballari Dog Team Beats the Heat in the Pool, Air-Conditioned Rooms | Hubballi News

Ballari: Ballari experiences a scorching summer with temperatures reaching 40 degrees. Ballari Police are therefore taking special measures to help their dog team beat the heat.
The dogs bathe in a special pool and are then housed in air-conditioned rooms, especially between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. The department installed six coolers in each of the rooms of the three sniffer dogs and three bomb detection dogs. The police also installed exhaust fans on the ceiling.
“We have six dogs for Ballari and Vijayanagara districts. Bruno, Caddy and Tyson are sniffer dogs, and Ver, Rocky and Rana are part of the bomb squad. The temperature has risen to around 40-42 degrees Celsius here and it can cause skin allergies and other problems in dogs. Therefore, we have installed coolers in their rooms,” said HMD Sardar, DYSP, District Armed Reserve Police.
He said the dogs’ guardians gave them sponge baths and swims in the pool to maintain their health. They receive nutritious food, glucose and vitamin D capsules in addition to their usual diet during the summer. “We also give the dogs tender coconut water twice a day and cold water has been kept in their rooms to keep their bodies cool,” Sardar said.
Ballari SP Saidulu Adavath said the canine squad is the most important in tracking crimes and detecting explosives during VIP and VVIP movements. These dogs have committed over 1,000 crimes like theft, murder, and robbery in the undivided district of Ballari. We have limited the dogs’ outdoor activities to early morning and evening to avoid the hottest part of the day,” he added.
“Unprecedented heat is affecting the effectiveness of sniffer dogs and deminers. Some breeds become extremely uncomfortable if it’s 35 degrees Celsius. If they don’t get the proper care, the heat could be deadly,” a doctor said. veterinary.
Police have installed coolers in the canine squad rooms to withstand the scorching summer heat