Alloa Amateur Swimming Club calls on the next generation

The Wee County Swim Club is hoping to rebuild its roster following the woes of the pandemic and pool closure.

The Alloa Amateur Swimming Club currently has time slots at the University of Stirling facilities where training has continued for the past two and a half years.

Anticipation is also building with the opening of an ephemeral swimming pool in Alloa before the construction of the new wellness center.

Jonathan Burton, one of the club’s coaches, explained how the team focused on delivering youth sessions while also looking forward to the prospect of bringing back the competitive element once pool time will be available again.

He told the Advertiser“The size of the club has now shrunk considerably because competitive swimmers, especially teenage competitive swimmers, have to be in the pool most days and we have only been able to maintain a few sessions a week.

“So we decided to focus our attention on much younger swimmers, swimmers who are maybe young kids who are maybe finishing a learn-to-swim program, primary school age. , because we are really well prepared to take kids like that, who need a little extra help to start swimming more at the club level.

Jonathan added: “If you have a child who loves swimming and may be close to a learn-to-swim program or has completed it and can at least swim a length unaided, then they could find our club interesting. ”

The main goal is to have fun while reaping the physical benefits, the coach explained.

Looking ahead, Jonathan is excited about the pool options returning to Wee County.

The club’s former Alloa Leisure Bowl base had to close with the pandemic and never reopened.

Proposals for an interim or temporary pool at Marshhill car park were given the green light earlier in May and work on the temporary structure and six-lane pool is expected to begin this summer and the facility is expected to be operational from here the end. of the year or at the beginning of 2023.

Jonathan said: “The future of the club, in terms of returning to a fully fledged competitive club, we are really looking forward to the completion of this temporary swimming pool at Alloa.

“We want to be as inclusive as possible, it’s important that it’s somewhere central in Clackmannanshire, Alloa is ideal meaning families without a car can still bring their children to the pool.”

And regarding the wellness center to be built, Jonathan praised Clacks Council for staying on top of progress and engaging which would be ideal for a competitive setting.

The club’s youngest children train every Sunday at the Stirling Uni swimming pool, with a chance to have a real race in a real team swimming gala as part of the Forth Valley Junior League, and trials are available for those who are unsure.

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